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Current Music:Different stuff
Subject:Got my Shopping done and all of that + I have Winter Break!
Time:11:50 am
Current Mood:lazylazy
Yeah I got all of my gift purchased and most of them have already been given
out to those I bought them for obviously. I also mailed out all of my xmas cards,
and uh... well everything is done with now.

Today is the first day of my near 3 week break from school,
I say near 3 weeks because it's like 2 days short of being 3 weeks.

Oh, a classmate in my class died last week unfortunatley due to
a seizure, and by the time the paramedics arrived, his heart
had stopped.

*R.I.P. Brian Tracy.*

Ok, on something not so... down,
I tried out this wireless internet service offered, but it turns
out I can't get a signal from my house and most of the hotspots
are downtown in phoenix or in the tempe area. I'll be canceling
that shortly, and switching over to this cheap internet service
for the time being, no big deal really.

Let's see, in other news I have completely gotten over any feelings
I might have had for jordann. I mean, she's a great girl and all, but
I could already see that me and her just don't "click" on a romantic level.
I wonder what she would say if she read that! Hmm, well besides, she mentioned
sometime back that she found these other two guys... well more power to
her on that. She seems to be a very busy girl though. There is more I'd day about this,
but I know that there is a chance either she would read this journal of mine
(She has not mentioned it tho...) or Kenny could read it and blab it around,
or laugh at my dumb ass. Probably the second one.

Moving on,
Ok, I forgot it's been so long since my last update... I should get on this
more often... even though I will be actually slow to do so :p

I got a new bike! my godfather Jeff gave me it as a christmas present,
and to make up for the fact that he lost my other one on the bus.
"My Bike!..." to kenny and mike as they know it. >_>

I also got GTA: San Andreas which is very cool, I think it's the best
game of the whole series. There is just so much to do in that game.

The bus is a very strange place... last monday or last week or whatever,
there was like these two women who brought (Seriously) I think 20 little kids
on board with a few older kids. When they got off later, the lady had to count heads.
I don't know if the two girls just like to fuck a lot, or maybe they adopted them all:
There are people who do that sorta thing. Then yesterday this drunk guy fell after he got off
the bus and hit his head, and the bus driver made up fill out these cards
stating what happened. Presumably to avoid a lawsuit. The guy did get up and when the bus
finally took off, the guy was seen walking away, he had a cane as well.

Alright, well that's all for now, later.
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Current Music:Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart.mp3
Subject:Angelina Jolie & Jessica Biel are both very Hot: The movies prove it!
Time:04:43 am
Current Mood:lonelylonely
Well, things actually turned out better for me this week:

* I am playing this new PC Yugi-Oh game, which is actually pretty fun and well presented. The only downside is that I can only fight one guy... good thing I got it for free!
* I got a new bike from my godfather as an early xmas gift! I just bought a lock for it tonight and now I can go places easier with it.
* Me and Kenny had our first real confrontation after 5-7 years of friendship, but we're alright now. I think we were both just stressed our from school and from the bus.
* I saw Alexander and Blade Trinity. Both are excellent films in different aspect. Alexander is epic and long (3 Hours!), not to mention well written and casted. (Angelina Jolie is FINE!). Blade Trinity is also a great film, for the action, Blade's character, as well as whistler's daughter. (Jessica Biel is also FINE!).
* Finally, I am starting two new classes on monday and I think they are Speech and Design Documents. We had this teacher for our first Gen-Ed class, her name is Joyce, and she does not know if she is going to be teaching speech or not, but I'd rather have her then some other person. Oh well, nothing I can do.

Oh, and uh... hmm, I guess that is it.
I need to make some friends on this site, mhmm,
well, I mean NEW friends, lol.
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Time:02:30 pm
I got these questions from my friend Jordann, so people who see this can fill this out, although it is geared
more towards females, guys can answer if they want.

Would you do this for me
1. Give me your number?
2. Have sex with me?
3. Let me kiss you?
4. Watch a movie with me...even a really stupid one that is cheesy and older?
5. Buy me some food from a fast food resturant?
6. Drive me somewhere/anywhere?
7. Take a shower with me?
8. Be my gf?
9. Have a fling with me?
10. Listen to me if I called you angry and about to explode over something, even if you were with your friends or family?
11. Buy me a drink if i didnt have money?
12. Take me to some event that I am really looking forward to but you don't care about?
13. Would you let me sleep in your bed?
14. Rap with me in the car or in my room?
15. Go with me on the bus somewhere even if you could be doing something else?
16. Re-post this for me to answer your questions?
17. Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere, and I'm stranded?
18. Do you think I'm cool, sexy, ugly, hot, gangsta, or weird?
19. Do you like my style?
20. Do you think I'm a funny guy?
21. Do you care about me?
22. Would you cry if I died/got killed?
23. Would you stop me if i tried to commit suicide?
24. Would you dance with me?
25. Would you sing happy birthday to me?
26. Would you take me home if I got too drunk at a party?
27. Would you be my friend when no one else would?
28. If you hated me would you tell me?
29. If you liked me would you tell me?
30. Do you wish I was a different person?
31. Do you wish I was still the same?

Ok, answer these then uh... I'll get back to you about it.
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Current Music:Brainbug - Nightmare (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
Subject:Damm, Turkey Day is Tomorrow, yay!
Time:11:46 pm
Current Mood:indifferentindifferent
Well I'm not sure exactly how long since my last entry, but I'll say a week.

I saw Jordann like the other day as well as Ariana, which was cool. Terry is apparently
staying over at kenny's house for a while since he and his mom had some differences or

Jordann took us for a fast ride while she dropped off a game and then took us back.
She's been having some problems of her own after she was explaning about some drama
between her friends. I don't really know the whole deal, but I hope things work out.
She seemed a bit happier, which is a nice change of pace because she always seems to
be sad or... what's the word... Melancholy (spelling?). I've gotten like that myself
in the past but I seem to be in a better spirit right now, probably since Thanksgiving
is tomorrow.

I just got that new album by Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz, called "Crunk Juice" as
well as the Halo 2 Soundtrack and some other stuff. I need to go get some photos I took
developed soon... I'll see how much it is to get them developed at Wallgreens and then Wal-Mart.

OH, and I got the new Jay-Z/Linkin Park Collision Course album, and it's pretty good for
mixing Nu-Metal and Rap. I know some people out there might be freaking out, but I say there
should be more expeimentation from artists. You should not be limited by a genre of music that
you do... at least for big artists out on MTV and stuff.

Class has been going pretty well, I've been getting my assignments done and having fun
at the same time. I think I have a B in the class... not sure yet until I get the last of my
assignments turned in Monday.

Hmm... anything else? UmmI got a 4 day weekend, and thanksgiving is tomorrow yay!

I'm also talking to Jordann a little bit right now. but she's being quiet.

Well that's about it right now, I'll check back here next week or this weekend,
depends on what goes down.

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Current Music:Nothing Right now
Subject:In Class... Boring ass movie.
Time:04:40 pm
Current Mood:okayokay
I'm watching this movie in class right now and it is really uninteresting.

The movie is called Citizen Kane, yeah the one with the big ass poster of the dude,
and then the 'Rosebud' thing at the end. THAT boring-ass movie. The whole movie is about
why he said 'Rosebud' right before he died.

Anyway I'm not doing much else except for this monolouge that I'm about to hand in when the movie

Let's see... I got Counter-Stike: Condition Zero for PC the other day and I've been playing it
and stuff. The game is pretty good actually.

Well, that's all for now. Oh yeah, today on the bus, the bus was like really really crowded.
The only good thing about the whole bus ride was that I got some Jack N the Box when I got off near
my school, and there were these cute girls in the bus, one girl who had black hair and was kinda
mexican, she had really nice eyes.

Well, that's about it, I'm going to be departing from school soon, so later!
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Current Music:The Offspring - Hit That
Subject:What a lazy friday, I'm just chillin. It's raining outside
Time:04:22 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulRaning Outside
Yeah there isn't much going on today, althought I will mention that this lack of wild activity is not
a bad thing, actually it's nice to just simply browse the internet while not doing much of anything else
except for litsening to music. I just love the fact that I have so many different kinds of songs and music,
like there are songs for every kind of mood or emotion.

Like I said earlier, if I didn't have my music, I don't know WHAT I would do. I wish people would be more
open to hearing new music, like me, or at least not defining themselves or retricting themselves to just
one genre of music. Like take Kenny for example, he likes Rap and Hip-Hop, and some rock songs... but
he will not for the life of them, voluntarily listen to any techno or electronica music, or for that
matter any heavy metal or 80s/70s music.

On the other hand, I was suprised to find out that Jordann likes trance/techno herself, which I found
out when several times she turned to this dance radio station called Energy 101.1 and 92.7 (It has those
2 frequencies) and just chilled there while drivng with the pulses pounding and everything. I had no problem
with the music playing so I was all cool with it ( ^_^ ) but Kenny was clearly not enjoying it.

Oh well, you can't change a person's music tastes very much I suppose. Hell I don't like country/western but
even I have found country songs which I enjoy and even a few artists.

Oh yeah, it's raining outside right now. The rain and cloudy days in general make me happy... this is partially
because I live in Phoenix, where we rarely get rain. I know that if I got rain like almnost everyday in seattle, that I
would loathe the rain, but I enjoy it, and hearing the distant sounds of it from my room almost makes me wanna
stop listening to music... almost, but not quite.

Well, I should end this entry before it gets too long and boring. I would like some comments if people do read this.
Come on, just leave a comment, it won't take THAT much effort now would it? Oh well, no big deal.

~ Travis.
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Current Music:The sounds of the Classroom... aka, None
Subject:Wooh HALO 2!
Time:04:46 pm
Current Mood:awakeawake
Yeah, I got Halo 2 oh yeah!

I was playing the game for most of last night with Kenny, but then we quit and fell asleep watching Queen of The Dammed, which is a cool movie by the way.
The road to getting Halo 2 however, was full of peril and a lot of backtracking. We had to get some games to pawn off to raise the rest of the money we needed
to purchase the game (Luckly I had reserved it much earlier, so our copy was guarranteed, barring the money we needed to raise.)

Well, I gotta take off. The game was fantastic, and the night before we got the game, Jordann was fortunate enough to give us a ride home after the bus unexpectedly
turned on 59th avenue. She got her fourth gear back onto her car, so she could go much faster if she wanted. She was happy about that.
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Current Music:Aurora - Hear You Calling (Moon Mix) [Trance]
Time:01:33 pm
Current Mood:complacentA Little Hungry too
Well, I guess I'll try and start up this live journal thingy again, since I found my name and password.
The last update was a while back, so I guess I should tell the major events since then:

- I graduated High School, go me!
- I am going to Collins College for Game Design
- I recieved a brand new laptop from School, to which I am typing this out on right now.
- I got a haircut a few days ago.
- I will be getting Halo 2 in a few days (hopefully)

Man, but yeah I'll just start from here and not and try and update from every little detail that happened between then and now.
I went and voted yesterday, for among other things: Kerry, Propositions 200 & 400, John Mcain, and some other stuff.
Yeah, Bush won. I'm not exactly thrilled, but It's not like we haven't seen him in action already. I guess there is no point in
complaning about the results, since I already did my part, but more people wanted Bush. I just hope he doesn't fuck up.

I hate taking the bus by the way, and since I have to take it 4 days a week to school. I really really hate taking the bus. My godfather Jeff
got a car recently, but no one is to use it, not even to go up to walmart, until he gets a license plate on the sucker. It looks like a POS, but
he says it runs good, so I guess I'll find out when I get driven to school later like next week or whatever.

The programing class at school is alright. I mean, it's boring, but we have to know the information provided, so I got through it. I actually understood
most of the material, it's just that I HATED doing the stupid exercises they orignally made us do. They didn't assign us any exercises for the latest chapter,
just a study guide, so that was good.

I'm glad to see that Kenny is finally making the effort to go to school after he told his relatives that he was. Apparently now he actually is going, so that's
good for him.

I'm also sad for my friend Jordan. I don't mean I feel sorry for her like Pity, but I mean that for her troubles and problems that she is having, I'm feeling
sad that she had to go through these kinds of things, even though I could suggest a solution to at least some of her problems. Not all of them I can handle and
I'm cool with that. No one person is a superman, except of course for superman. But I wish I could take away her pain and see her happy. I don't know exactly why either
I'm being like this, but feelings and logic don't exactly make the best of company together.

Well for example: Terry, Mike, Gustavo, and I suspect even Kenny to a degree all want her just for sex or to use as a sex object. That kinda pisses me off, but then again,
that's them, and she's said several times, and even kenny has told me that she does not want or need guys right now in her life. Good for her, maybe they will realize she's
not just a peice of meat. (I don't mean to suggest that she could be something like that, but that is the general perception that I am getting from my friends). I don't even know
anymore if I even like Jordan romantically. I'd like to think I did, so that things were clearer, but lately she has been different, and I think it in some sort of funk. She says she's not whipped but I thnk it's clear that even thought Gustavo hasn't been treating her the best, she still likes him. Well I wish those two would just get toether already so I can put her out of my head.

I don't entirelly fault them either for seeing her like that...although in the end it's wrong and certinly un-gentleman like. To be perfectly honest, I almost started seeing her as just someone to have sex with. Almost anyway. BUT! I must stress that I've known her for too damm long to lower myself to that line of thinking and reasoning. Actually, I've managed to subdue and eliminate almost all stupid feelings I had for her. Well, if she DID approach me as wanting to get involved closer (romantically), I would not stop her, and In fact I'd embrace the opportunity. I am however, a virgin (Yes, yes, I said it, wow OMG, right? ...whatever!) and I would want my first time to be special with a girl. Jordann is cool and everything. She's like the guy-girl that everyone hangs with. But some people want to put it in her butt for some reason (Personally I think it's nasty and I don't know what the people that do want to do that are smoking). Unfortunelty for her, Jordann, I am a guy, and I get...in the mood sometimes. Actually though I haven't had anything really sexually related in my head for like the last week. It's like all of my feelings have been numbed down, and I'm not exactly sure why. Its like there is just this... hole inside me that sucks away all.. *intense* feelings.

Yeah, I still feel sad and kinda depressed and happy and laughing and stuff. But in between when I am just like walking to the bus stop or riding in Jordan's Car or something... where
I don't have anything on my mind in particular... I get this mild sort of saddness.

To sum it up best, I am Lonely, Sad... and to anyone reading this, probably pathetic. Well fuck off if you are just going to say shit.

No matter, I'll be alright, because I do have my friends, and Especially because I do have my Music. I swear I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my music to listen to sometimes. Stupid kenny only likes Rap, Hip-Hop and a little Rock here and there. He should open his mind up to more music. I can't force him to, so its not important. And it's not like I don't like Rap or Hip-Hop, I do! I think it's a great genere of music, and I also think it's a great way for the black man and woman to rise up against the oppression of Rich White Folks. I also like a lot of other stuff too, and I hate it when people hate on what I'm playing simply because they don't like it and I have to change it to something they like. Fuck the next person who changes what I'm playing on my Laptop or my Radio at home. and if they pout and get mad, well they can leave.

Yes! I just remembered that Kenny gave me some headphones today to use... so now I can listen to music in class. I have all of my work down, so it's cool...... aww crap, I hate these ones, they never feel right in my ears and I have to waste time trying to see now they are supposed to go in. Stupid earphones. This is why I like the ones that are big and you just cover your ear with them instead of the little small ones. Also, even If I do gte the stupid earphones to fir right, they will fall out soon after, so I'll be wearing them wrong, accoridn to Kenny or someone else.

Oh yeah, I got those earphones from Kenny, Yes! I can listen to music in class now... I'm done with my work for the day, so it's cool. I think I'll listen to some music now ^_^

I'm also getting Counter Strike Condition Zero.
Oh yeah, I'm also (at the moment) getting Counter Strike Condition Zero, a music video, and some Game Music. Having the internet is so great.

Well, I feel better now that I got all of that off my chest, Well, I'll update later after some more stuff happens. For now I'll be enjoying my music and downloading stuff until It's time to go meet Kenny, who goes to Devry by the way.
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Subject:No Internet Avaiable :(
Time:07:39 am
Well, my password is auto filled in, so it was lucky that I guessed right about it, anyway:

My internet connection at home is down for an undetermined amount of time, this is sad news, but alas, money is tight right now and we couldn't afford to keep it on. I'm letting you all know that everything is alright, and that I can still get on occasionally from school or whatever.

See you when I see you then.
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Current Music:Juno Reactor Vs Don Davis - Burly Brawl
Subject:Weekend spent well
Time:06:08 pm
Current Mood:mellowmellow
H'Lo to any who read this.

On Friday night kenny came over as you might have known, and spent the night doing some stuff... the next morning I got up around 7:30 or so and watched some cartoons and helped out my friend in moving his stuff out and into a new apartment... at around 12:00 we walked to my friend Mike's place and chilled there for a while, while he took 2 HOURS to get ready, to go over to Kenny's girlfriend's house. We met Stephanie at her house and we hung out there for a little bit, we then walked with her to pretty close to a friend of her's birthday party.

We started walking back to Mike's house but got distracted a hella-lot of times, and didn't get back to his place until like sunset... then while they were playing Mario Kart 64, I fell asleep for an hour or something, and then me and kenny walked back to my house... MY friend took us over to check out his new apartment, which looks cool, and then we got back and I got some stuff and went to kenny's Stepmom's house for the night, and we were planning to play some PS2 and get all 30 Dog Bones on that game that I rented called True Crime, Streets of LA That game is tight btw. We couldn't hook up the PS2 to the TV so we watched various stuff, and then Adult Swin on Cartoon network until about 1:30 or something when I fell asleep.

Then we chilled back that morning and afternoon, and I saw a hilarious movie called I'm Gonna Git You Sucka which was stupid and funny!

Well, not much else to talk about, except that tomorrow is school >=( Now I'm back at my place and listening to music.

Comments are cool, so don't be afraid to do that thing if you wanna.
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